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FL STUDIO 13 - Neue Funktionen (Legacy PATTERN BLOCKS wieder da) Das erwartet uns (12.5 BETA TEST)
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Was gibt es neues / neue Funktionen in Fl Studio 12.5 bzw. Fl Studio 13 - What's New? :)

Picker Panel (Alt+P) - A Pattern, Audio and Automation Clip manager / browser that lists all Pattern, Audio and Automation Clips in the project. Useful features include: Select unused Clips. Select Clips in Playlist. Rename/Color multiple clips. Render Pattern Clips to Audio Clips (Right-Click Clips Render as audio clip, hold (Alt) to bypass Mixer Insert FX.
- Virtual MIDI Controllers - Resizable, customizable vectorial Keyboard and Drumpads. Play the selected Channel, just like an external MIDI controller.
- Automation Clips - New (Right-click) control points 'Type in value...' feature.
- FPC - Resizable vectorial UI. Pads can now have custom colors and icons. New layout options (single/double pads). Per-pad automatable pitch.
- Harmor - Vectorial UI.
- Patcher - Threaded processing of hosted plugins/modules. 'More...' option in plugin insertion menus. (Right-click) node and select 'Insert plugin...' to connect a plugin to a node. Load DirectWave when .dwp file is dropped. (Middle-click) plugin title bar to rename.(Middle-click) connection filter checkboxes to disable the two others. 'Tree display' option in Control Surface tab Preset Menu. (Left-Click) to switch filter groups On/Off. (Middle-Mouse Click) to Solo/Unsolo a filter group.
- Edison - Shows the length of selections (top-right in the Editor window).
- DirectWave - Resizable vectorial UI. New filters (MiniSynth & Vox) plus High Quality Rendering (Option) to enable near audio-rate modulation of all DirectWave parameters.
- Channel Sampling Robot - (Right-click) any Channel and select 'Create DirectWave instrument' to turn any Channel, Patcher or Layer into a DirectWave bank/patch.
- Transistor Bass - New '303 Square waveform' switch and 'Gate Length' control.
- Control Creator - Updated and now accessible from Patcher Control Surface and the Tools menu.
- Control Surface - Controls can now be auto-aligned. Select two or more controls and Right-click  Align for options.
- Piano roll - 'Menu  View  Mini piano roll preview' shows an overview of notes in the scroll-bar. Highlight root key according to scale. New 'Menu  View  Keyboard style  Dark' keyboard mode. Use (Ctrl+Mouse-wheel) on Channel Selector to select empty Channels.
- Playlist - 'Menu  View  Mini playlist preview' shows an overview of Clips in the scroll-bar.
- MIDI Out - New 'Note' Knob output mode. Automate sending note on and off. A note value of 0 = Note OFF.
- VIEW Close all plugin windows (Alt+F12) - Closes only plugin windows.

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